• 20-year homeowner Seven Hills
  • Married to Doreen, 20-years (PTA President)
  • Children, Hailey (15) and Jayce (12)
  • Czech/German heritage


  • Independence High School - Graduated 1989
  • The University of Akron - Graduated 1994

Other notables

  • League Secretary, Seven Hills Baseball Federation
  • 16-years Self-employed
    Owner, JFK Services, LLC
  • Professional Speaker
  • Author of over 10 books
  • Obtained $5,000 grant from Cleveland Indians to renovate Calvin Park
  • Obtained $10,000 free labor for new pavilion built at Calvin Park from PCSD carpentry program
  • Wife Doreen, President of PTA
    Hillside & Green Valley

A better question. Why should you care? You need to know your Councilperson and have confidence that they will work for you by answering questions and strive to resolve your issues concerning the City.

When you have a problem or a concern; even something very small... who can you call to get help?

You can call me. Here's my direct phone number. 216-272-4383. For over 20-years I've lived here in Ward 3 with my wife, two children and our black lab Willow. Right over on 3669 Alla Drive. We're the house right across the street where Laura Lee dead ends. You'll probably see me outside mowing the grass or playing with my kids. Feel free stop by and say hello, or, let me know how I can help you.


Jim F. Kukral
Ward 3 Councilman