Thank you for your support of my work as a Councilman for Seven Hills. Do you think I’m doing a good job? If so, if you would consider donating any amount to my campaign fund I would greatly appreciate it.

Why do you need donations Jim?

As of today, I have $11.24 in my campaign fund account. I needed donations last year to run for office (yard signs, mailers, etc…). I won, and thank you to all that helped me. But now I I need money to communicate with residents. Now I need donations to communicate with residents so I can do my job. This is what frustrates me about the United States political system. They make it VERY difficult to communicate with your residents as an elected official. It’s almost like they don’t want you to be able to talk to them easily. How are you supposed to serve their interests and keep them informed if you have to spend hundreds of dollars every time you want to update them?

Can you communicate electronically through email and social media?

Yes, and I’ve been doing a great job at trying to get as many of them into my email list and on my community Facebook page. But not everyone likes getting emails, and a lot of older residents are not on Facebook. The only way they like to be communicated with is by letter, or by phone. So I either have to send a letter, or call a thousand people one-by-one.

So, if you feel you can help me, even with the smallest of donations, I would greatly appreciate it. Here’s the link to donate online. Or, you could write a check and send to the information below.

Write check to: Committee to Elect Kukral 3669 Alla Drive Seven Hills, OH 44131