Status of Mapleview Street Repairs (2016 Update)

Dear Mapleview Resident,

In the past year since being elected as your Ward 3 Councilman, I’ve been attempting to get to the bottom of the Mapleview road repairs that previous council people promised you but were never able to get done. Through many meetings and phone calls I’ve been able to figure out what is happening with the repair of your street and I have detailed that information for you below.

In 2015 Cleveland Water Department (CWD) approved the replacement of the water main along Mapleview. The cost for this, that they would pay, is approximately $841,630. However, after they would put the new water line in, the street will have to be resurfaced/fixed. Please keep in mind that CWD will not pay for any of the actual street pavement restoration costs.

The estimated cost for fixing the street after the water line would go in is approximately $360,700 which is what the City of Seven Hills will have to pay. However, because of the nature of this project, the city can apply for that money to be paid for by the OPWC (Ohio Public Works Commission) Issue 1 Grant Program. So we did apply for that in 2015, but unfortunately, the City did not score high enough to receive the OPWC Grant funding at that time.

So part of the delay in getting your street done, besides waiting for Cleveland Water, is because the city is hoping to find $360,700 from an outside funding source so it doesn’t come out of taxpayer’s pockets. The city would not be serving the residents if we reached into our own wallet for this before exhausting every possible attempt to get someone else to pay for it first. The good news is that the city can apply for the grant to pay for the street again, and that’s what we’re planning on doing in the Fall of 2017.

So here is where we are at and what I’m doing to get this done for you, finally.

1. Council has asked the city engineering firm to begin the work to prepare the plans for the CWD water line project. This means they have to survey the street and come up with a plan. The cost for this is approximately $73,730.00 for Survey & Design. This fee would be paid by CWD, but the City would have to “front” the fee to get the design moving, which this council is prepared to do. This will happen in early 2017 by my direction and the rest of Council’s approval.

2. Also in 2017, the city will apply, once again, for the OPWC grant to cover the $360,700 estimated cost of fixing the street after the water lines go in. Obviously we hope to score high enough to be approved this time. If not, the city will have to go back to the drawing board and find another funding source, or perhaps just pay for it ourselves.

3. Then, our city engineering firm would have to come up with the plans for the street resurfacing. The cost for this would be approximately $31,552.00. This fee could possibly be paid for by the OPWC grant (if successful). If the grant request is not successful, the City is responsible for the fee, and I am advocating for council to pay this regardless because we need this done.

Summary: Mapleview is important to me and the city. As the primary access to Calvin Park, and your home, we must get this done as quickly, and cost effectively, as possible, and that is what myself, the city engineering firm, and the rest of council are focusing on for you. I’m sorry this wasn’t being handled correctly before me.

But I assure you I am taking immediate steps in 2017 to get this project moving, and also funded. We should know by the late fall of 2017 if we qualified for the grant to pay for the street resurfacing. If we do, then the project is a go and we can schedule the CWD to begin putting in the water lines in early 2018 (if they agree), then we can fix the road after that. I know it’s not as soon as you wish, but I’m moving this as fast as I possibly can.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I will do my best to answer them for you.


Jim Kukral
Ward 3 City Council
216-272-4383 or

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