Why I’m Running (Again) for Ward 3 City Council?

I’m not a politician. I’m a coach. I’m a dad. I’m a volunteer. I’m a business-owner. I’m your neighbor.

The short version: I believe I can help make a positive change in the city I live in and raise my children in. Like you, I’ve watched in pain as the city of Seven Hills was dragged through the mud from former leaders; creating all kinds of attention that we don’t want or need. Negativity: That’s not what getting involved at the local level of politics is about. It’s about wanting to improve things and helping the residents and the city prosper. I have brought a fresh, positive and creative mindset to the city and through my work we are moving forward in a positive way.

IMG_2859The long version: I never wanted to do any of the following things when I was younger: Speak on stage, write a book, coach a youth sports team, own my own business, or get into politics. At age 46, I’ve done all of those now. You see, I’ve learned you have to be the change you want the world to be. I started coaching my son’s football team because the coach he had wasn’t a good coach. He yelled at the kids and didn’t instruct them properly. So the next year I raised my hand and said, “I’ll do it.” Now you can’t get me off the field coaching every sport they play. I love it.

That’s where we are now in Seven Hills. I’m raising my hand to run for city council because frankly, I think it can be done better. It’s as simple as that.

You know, my wife serves as the President of both Green Valley and Hillside schools for years now. She “raised her hand” years ago because she thought she could help, and she did. She practically works full-time on her duties, for no pay. At first I was bothered by her level of commitment, but later on as I began to do more volunteering myself I realized that despite all the frustration and work that comes with leading, comes the satisfaction of actually making positive change on people’s lives. In her case the students, parents and teachers in those schools, and in my case as a board member for the Seven Hills Baseball Federation, and hopefully in the future, as your council person.

Feel free to call me anytime to discuss your issues or questions about the city. I will always return a phone call or email as fast as I possibly can.


Jim F. Kukral
Ward 3 City Council